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What's iq invest?

Iq invest is the open source and open community investment company powered by blockchain.

How do you make a profit?

Old-school companies convince the society that they are doing well, and because of this, they can increase the volume of their loans. Cryptoeconomics uses the real money, not a credit pseudo-money, thus our profit is obtained only by trading tokens.

How can I make a profit?

Buy iqi, hold it, sell it.

Why do you use your own exchange?

Iqi exchange is the best exchange ever created. It's easy to undertstand how it works. It has the smallest fee and was created specifically for the iqi token and the investment company.

How is the token price determined?

The token price depends on the number of tokens in circulation.
p = 1 - (7000000 - v)/5000000, where
p - price, eth/iqi,
v - number of tokens in circulation, iqi.

Which network should i use?

Iqi is deployed in the mainnet and ropsten testnet. Tokens and ethereum have a market value only in the mainnet. Use testnet to understand how the exchange works. Get free test eth in faucet.

How can i promote iqi?

Buy iqi, promote it, gain profit. Any major holder (more than 100000 iqi) can create a separate page, such as bounty page. Any iqi holder or contributor can place a logo and short description on the partners page.

road map

1Q 2020 - iq token is in the testnet

2Q 2020 - iqi exchange

3Q 2020 - listing of the iqi in one of the crypto exchanges

1Q 2021 - cooperation with the investment marketplace

2Q 2022 - iqi blockchain

IQ Invest is a young DeFi company that creates its own infrastructure based on blockchain technology.

We are working on creating a number of investment areas. The main task of our team is to promote blockchain technologies for a wide market of consumers.

audit, bug bounty

We are looking for an independent security audit for the iqi token and iqi exchange. It will be published in the etherscan. Reward - 100 iqi.

White-hat hack the iqi token or iqi exchange. Reward - up to 10000 iqi.

promo bounty

Post information about the iqi token in forums, channels or communities. Tell about the iqi in social networks. Reward 1 - 50 iqi.


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